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Nickel Plating

This technique is being used to obtain a decorative appearance especially a silver finish, as well as enhancing mechanical properties like corrosion and wear resistance. It has wide application in automobile industries, kitchen equipment, interior architectural, and construction materials.

Get Our Service Of High-Quality Nickle Plating At An Economical Cost

Are you facing the problem of damaged plating on your antique products and looking for someone who can get you out of trouble by providing you high-quality Nickle plating service in Dubai? Then, you should visit Galaxy METALS COATING AND STEEL WORKSHOP L.L.C. Here, we have a team of hard workers who possess several years of professional experience and training in this field. We all are passionate about metals and their plating techniques.

Our Nickle Plating Service

The backbone of electroplating and all types of decorative plating is nickel plating. We use nickel as the first coating for plating various decorative items. Nickle has shining properties and our nickel plating turns out to be smooth and shiny. We also deposit nickel as a base layer for plating antique items. 

We use the technique of nickel plating for getting a decorative look on old items and particularly a silver touch and finishing that gives the most attractive appearance to the products. Nickel plating on items also increases the mechanical resistance against corrosion and damages. Our customers get the service of nickel plating in auto vehicle industries, kitchen door handles and cabinets, architecture, and construction.

Advantages Of Getting Our Service Of Nickel Plating

Our business of metal plating is growing rapidly and we are at the top position in the market because of our reliable and trustworthy services. We satisfy our customers by meeting all their needs. The satisfaction of customers is very crucial and essential to us. We take time and so hard work to understand your plating requirement and then come with the best technique and method. Our all customers are unique to us and we deal with their matters with love and care. We provide services to both individual customers and trade centres. Some advantages of getting our nickel plating service are:

  • Enhanced resistance from corrosion due to stable thickness
  • Any irregular and complicated product can be in shape with our plating techniques 
  • Reduced operational cost due to better quality of the coating
  • Less waste and more uniformity in coating
  • Long life span due to improved quality 

Are We Reliable?

We are ISO certified and one of the top suppliers in Dubai. After the experience of several years, we have built a good reputation on the market. Our all customers get peace of mind after giving their projects to us. Our team tackles all projects professionally and provides solutions to all problems no matter how complicated the matter is. So, don’t hesitate to get our services.

If you are looking for Gold plating services then you are at the right place. Here in our workshop, we provide one of the best gold plating services to our customers. Just call us and tell us about your requirements, we are always here for your help.

Let’s Talk With Us Today!

To get any information about nickel plating or to find the solutions to your problems, feel free to call us at P: +97150 506 2269 or send us an email at E: Info@galaxymetalcoating.ae

Our team will be in touch with you in the short possible time.

Please contact us here for any type of Nickel plating orders.