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Copper Plating

This technique provides exact gold like appearance to products. It gives deep and luxurious finish to decorative products. In addition to this, gold plating provides exceptional corrosion protection since gold is least susceptible to oxidation, excellent heat protection, least fretting degradation since gold is not susceptible to fretting and wear. Hence gold plating has wide application in electronics as well.

Our Service Of Copper PlatingIs So Trendy, But Why?

If you are looking for the service of Copper platingthen you need to stop your search now. Here at GALAXY METALS COATING AND STEEL WORKSHOP L.L.C, we provide various services related to metal plating and finishing. With our expertise and hard work, we have maintained a reputable position in the market and among our customers.

Who Are We?

We are U.A.E based company and provide services for Copperfinishing and plating. We use advanced technology and techniques such as electroplating and provide services of plating to all metals such as Silver, Brass, Chrome, Gold, Copper, Nickle, and antique finishes. Our experts can do all types of finishing on stain-less steel such as hairline finishing, mirror finishing, satin finishing, and brush finishing at a very reasonable cost. We save your money by providing you the service of copper finishing because without it corrosion of the surface can cause you monetary loss.

Our goal is to preserve natural resources and raw materials and protect our environment from degradation. We try our best to save energy and the planet from further loss and damages.

Our Services And Capabilities

We provide a vast range of services from Copper platingto antique finishing. Some of our services include:

  • We are an authorized and ISO certified team of experts
  • Have many years of professional experience and training in our hands
  • Experienced in dealing with various types of copper finishing and plating projects
  • Ensure customers satisfaction and work quality
  • Use latest technology and tools for copper and brass plating
  • Provide solutions to all problems related to metals plating
  • We are a top supplier in U.A.E.

Our Copper plating

We provide the service of metal plating to our customers without compromising the quality. Antique items are passed from generation to generation, so we provide high-quality plating and finishing service of copper.

To avoid any scratched and paint loss from your antique item, you should get our brass finishing service. Our brass finishing and plating on antique items saves them from scratches and damages.

We add a protective coating to your antiques and restore them to their original form. Our experts provide services of polishing, plating, and lacquering on copper items at a very economical price.


Our copper metal plating is used for various decorative purposes and to improve properties. We provide service of plating and finishingon ornamentals, manual crafts, sculptures, and artworks. We also doplating on door handles, hinges, and panels.

Do you want to get a high-quality and reliable service of Antique finish in Dubai? Then, you don’t need to go anywhere else. We also provide a service of finishing to all types of metals and items. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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To get any information about copper plating or to find the solutions to your problems, feel free to call us at P: +97150 506 2269 or send us an email at E: Info@galaxymetalcoating.ae

Our team will be in touch with you in the short possible time.

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