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Gold Plating in UAE

This technique provides exact gold like appearance to products. It gives deep and luxurious finish to decorative products. In addition to this, gold plating in UAE provides exceptional corrosion protection since gold is least susceptible to oxidation, excellent heat protection, least fretting degradation since gold is not susceptible to fretting and wear. Hence gold plating has wide application in electronics as well.

Gold Plating in UAE Solutions At GALAXY METALS COATING

If you are looking for someone to provide you Gold plating service, then you should visit GALAXY METALS COATING AND STEEL WORKSHOP L.L.C. Here, we provide cost-effective and reliable services related to gold plating and antique finishing.

Our Service, Gold plating in UAE

We provide service of gold plating to our customers which give a gold-like appearance to their products. We give a luxurious and deep finish to their decorative items. Our gold plating on various decorative products protects them from corrosion, heat, and degradation. We use an electrochemical method of gold plating and deposit a thin gold layer on metals. 

We ask the customers about their requirements and place a thin layer directly on the products or after coating them with other metals such as brass and nickel. Mostly we use undercoating to enhance the adhesion and quality of gold plating in UAE. We are a skilled and dedicated team to provide services of plating on decorative items, electrical appliances, aircraft, and satellite parts.

We also provide the service of gold plating in industries on semiconductors, printed circuits, and connectors. Our team is an expert in plating exotic surfaces such as glass, ceramic, refractory metals, and plastic with gold.

Advantages Of Our Gold Plating Service

We provide various benefits to our clients by our gold plating service such as:

  • High resistance against corrosion and wear and tear 
  • High conductivity
  • Protection from degradation
  • Enhance quality and durability
  • Protection from heat and temperature

Our Other Services

We are experienced in plating various items and have been deal with various mega projects. Our other services include Copper plating, Nickel plating, Antique plating, Brass plating, Black Nickle plating, and metal finishing. All this plating is done by our expert workers with great care and passion.

Why Should You Select Us?

You should select us because of our consistent and excellent services. We have built a good repute in the market and our customers trust us. Moreover, we have many other qualities which will force you to choose us for solving your problems.

  • We are ISO certified team having many years of experience in this field.
  • We are the primary solution provider of gold plating. 
  • Across the state, we are at the best in dealing with love and care.
  • We ensure customer’s item’s security and safety.
  • We assure our work quality.
  • We provide a cost-effective gold plating service.

Do you want to get a reliable service of high-quality Gold plating? Then, you do not need to go anywhere else. Because here at our company, you will get everything you need. We are dedicated to solving your problems and getting you out of trouble. So, don’t hesitate and contact us now.

Let’s Talk With Us Today!

To get any information about gold plating or to find the solutions to your problems, feel free to call us at P: +97150 506 2269 or send us an email at E: Info@galaxymetalcoating.ae

Our team will be in touch with you in the short possible time.

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Please contact us here for any type of Gold plating orders. 
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