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Brass Plating in UAE

This finishing is widely used for decorative applications also for improve mechanical properties. It gives deep luxurious finish and hence widely applied for ornamental,hand craft, art works, sculptures etc. Brass plating is being used in door hinges, handles, cloth hinges etc. because of its mechanical properties.

Everything You Need To Know About Our Brass Plating Service

If you are searching for a reliable and trustworthy supplier of Brass platingthen you are at the right place. Galaxy METALS COATING AND STEEL WORKSHOP L.L.C provides all services of brass plating and finishing. We have many years of professional experience in our hands and assure you of the quality of plating.

What Do We Do?

We provide service of brass plating to our clients at a very reasonable cost. We use the electrochemical method for brass plating and deposit a brass layer on other metals. Mostly our customers get the service of bras plating for decorative items. On customer’s demand, we deposit a layer of brass on a pure item, or if they ask we can also deposit a brass layer on the nickel layer. To secure the brass, we always prefer to coat the brass with a high-quality lacquer. Our technique prevents antique items and other decorative products from damages and corrosion.

Most of the customers get our plating services for refurbishing their furniture. We also plate new items and products of households and industries. The products we plate include doors, handles, bathroom, and kitchen accessories, cabinets, and heat registers. Our goal is to preserve natural materials and resources and protect the environment from degradation. 

When we do brass plating on old products, we commonly follow these steps:


  • First of all, we remove the already present paint or lacquer
  • Then we eliminate the plating
  • Then we polish or brush the metal present at the base
  • Then we plate with the metal required such as nickel, brass, or copper
  • In the end, we lacquer the products

Why Should You Visit Us?

We provide a vast range of services from metal plating to antique finishing. You should visit us because:

  • We are an authorized and certified team of experts
  • Have many years of experience and industrial training in our hands
  • Experienced in dealing with various projects of metal plating and finishing
  • Ensure safety and security of clients property and data
  • Use advanced technology and tools for plating
  • Provide solutions to all problems related to brass plating
  • We are a top supplier across the region

Our plating remains long-lasting and bears all the wear and tears for several years without getting damaged. We provide a guarantee of our plating and due to the reason our customers trust us. Don’t think much and make a visit to us for getting our effective and economical services.

Are you searching for high-quality and reliable service for Nickel plating in Dubai? Then, you need to stop your search now. Our experts help you and give you solutions to every problem. We provide all services at an affordable price with a guarantee of work quality. Consider your products safe in our professional hands and get in touch with us.

Let’s Talk With Us Today!

To get any information about metal plating or to find the solutions to your problems, feel free to call us at P: +97150 506 2269 or send us an email at E: Info@galaxymetalcoating.ae

Our team will be in touch with you in the short possible time.

Gold plating in UAE
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Please contact us here for any type of Gold plating orders.